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Testimonial of Gratitude “Being guided by Joyce Nolan through the Standard Process Liver Detoxification Cleanse brought about much personal transformation. I had dreamed of “eating from the Earth” and had tried many different eating approaches, but it was with the completion of Joyce’s cleanse program that I truly found ‘my way home’. Through Joyce’s gentle, yet crystal clear direction and support, I was and am still utilizing specificsupplements and dietary guidelines which continue to give me a great feeling of vitality, a clear creative mind, enhanced passion for life, greater emotional stability, and a normalized body weight. I have very few cravings which is ultimate liberation. I also have renewed interest in and joy from food shopping,food preparation, creating new recipes and cooking in general. How can I ever adequately express my gratitude to Joyce for all of this?”

June 4, 2011 Caren Morningstar Yoga Instructor, Reiki Master


"Having just completed the 21 day cleanse and 2 week prep, I feel great and would highly recommend this program to anyone. At first I thought it would be difficult to cut out so many types of food at once, but surprisingly it was not hard to do. The worst was the first two days after giving up coffee. Now I don't miss it, and tea is so much healthier. The shakes were very filling, and there seemed to be endless ways to combine vegetables, fruit, healthy oils and a bit of rice or lentil. It actually became a kind of fun game to see what concoction I might make up. Having kids I also worried how I could do this program and still share our dinners together but they seemed to enjoy a lot of what I made, and then I could just add a bit more of their own favorite foods to their plates. Not so hard, and they learned along the way too which was great. Joyce went all out in educating us daily about various foods, pesticides and solutions to making healthier choices in many areas of our lives. Her heart is clearly in the work that she does, and I am so grateful for having had this experience.

Thank you, Joyce!" -Suzanne


"I have had the honor of knowing Joyce both personally as well as professionally for over twelve years. She has performed acupuncture on me and my three children, and has been a wellspring of knowledge and support on health, nutrition and overall well-being. I am also acquainted with a number of others who have benefited from Joyce's acupuncture skills, and know that she is held in high regard for her ability to evoke essential clinical information, assess her patients' needs and attend to those needs with sensitivity and accuracy."

Christa Mente